Region has particular tourist potential. Considering the natural access to the Naukluft Park and Sossus Vlei via Mariental or via Rehoboth, the greater (southern) part of the Namib Naukluft Park has been included in this area. Rehoboth is seen as an important growth point in the Region, especially in the northern part. As such it can make an important contribution to the overall development of the Region. The whole Region has a well developed infrastructure

The tourism sector also got a new face-lift with new developments at Lake Oanob in the Rehoboth district. These developments in the region have positive spin-offs for the economy in the form of new employment opportunities and increased revenue streams and foreign exchange earnings. Efforts would continue on the part of the government to encourage the private sector to invest in the region in order to revive economic activities and create the much-needed employment opportunities in towns and settlements in the region.

Lake Oanob Resort

From Windhoek it is an easy 85km drive on the main road (B1) to Rehoboth. This town is centrally located and therefor a perfect gateway to all major focal points of Namibia; Windhoek, Sossusvlei, Swakopmund, Fish River Canyon, Etosha, great stop over en-route to Cape Town. Lake Oanob Resort is situated 7 km west of Rehoboth. The turn off from the B1 to the resort is well indicated. The Resort is constructed on the banks of the very scenic Oanob Dam. Majestic mountains are set on fire by spectacular sunsets. From your patio you can see the reflections of the moon and stars on the lake. 6 200 ha of unspoiled nature provides the perfect haven for an abundance of free roaming game.

Acacia Forest
An area of some 8 400 ha referred to as the Acacia Forest and well known for its large camel-thorn trees (some estimated to be 2 000 years old) lies within the municipal boundaries of Rehoboth. The possibility of proclaiming the area as a community park is currently being considered
Rehoboth Museum

The history of the Rehoboth Basters is recorded in the Rehoboth Museum, where their cultural heritage and archaeological finds in the area, such as an open-air burial site, are recorded.
Reho Spar (Hot water Springs)

At the town of Rehoboth, a mere 90 km south of Windhoek lays the ultra-modern hot springs resort Reho Spa. Here visitors can relax in comfort and enjoy the mineral-rich warm waters and beautiful surroundings.

The indoor thermal bath and outdoor swimming pool provide endless fun for the whole family. One can spend hours in the pleasantly lukewarm waters, only getting out to have a braai under the shady trees while watching the graceful geese glide past.

Reho Spa offers overnight visitors a choice of comfortable, fully fitted bungalows. There is an excellent restaurant and a convenient cafeteria, as well as conference facilities for large groups.

The Rehoboth Town Council is presently in negotiations with Wild Life Resort for a joint venture in upgrading, maintenance and operations of this resort.

Rehoboth Town Council

The Rehoboth Town Council is responsible for providing municipal services to the approximately 6,500 plots within the town lands of which 5,000 are developed. The Rehoboth Town lands measure 54000 ha in extent, offering adequate space for future urban development.