Ondangwa Town Council


Ondangwa -Your Ideal Investment Destination

Ondangwa is one of the oldest settlement areas in the North Central Regions of the Country. It was used as a centre of assembly for the contract labour system that was employing contract labourers from the North to go and work in the Mines and Farms in the South of the Country.

Due to its central location, the town was later used by the South African Army as their Army administrative Centre and hence you can find the only Airport in the whole North of the Country.

Located in the North Central Regions which is the most populated areas in the Country. Ondangwa is strategically located at the focal point of any economically activities in the Region. It is situated on the main road to and from the North, with the Airport and the train Station and it is only 60 Km from the Namibia Angolan Boarders.

This town caters for more than half of the population of Oshana and Oshikoto Regions in terms of Shopping and other vital services. The Town has a population of about 30 000 residents, but this figures increases more than double during the day as many people do come for shopping and other services in town from the nearby villages.