Ondangwa Town Council

As the gateway to the North and beyond, Ondangwa provides all amenities and services of a commercial and transport hub. The maximisation of benefits from its strategic location creates a modern town poised for investment, tourism growth and employment creation.
Ondangwa Town Council will strive to enhance the living conditions for all its residents and provide services in a demand oriented fashion. In doing so it will constantly improve on the creation of an enabling environment and facilitate equitable development by co-operating and collaborating with its residents and stakeholders.
It is said that there is one main ingredients for a dynamic development of a town:

Well, Ondangwa seems to have it, the balance remains how we are managing it. Ondangwa is without doubt the heart and the face of the North-Central Regions. It is strategically located on the border of the Oshana and Oshikoto regions with easy reach to all major economic centres in the NCR. It is the face of the NCR because it is the first main town one normally arrives at in the North and it is the heart because it is centrally located. The railway line is extended from Tsumeb to Ondangwa and will be further extended from here to Oshakati and Oshikango. Ondangwa will therefore be a multi-modal transport hub on the Northern extension of the Trans-Caprivi Corridor.

Growth potential

Because of its location, Ondangwa is able to attract investment in areas of commerce, tourism, service and industry, but most of all related to transport. Ondangwa, unlike other towns would not have to specialize in one or the other economic area but will benefit from a wide range of diverse businesses. With the opening of the Northern King Nehale Gate at the Etosha National Park a flow of tourism into the NCR can be expected1. Again, Ondangwa is likely to be the town tourists would choose for overnight accommodation on their way to other destinations.


Tourism attractions are within easy reach from Ondangwa, even if they are located in other regions. Olukonda, the first Finnish missionary station, which is now a museum, is located 5 km away from the town in the Oshikoto region, the Omadhiya lakes are situated to the South West and the landscape extends further into the unspoiled Kalahari Sandveld


The recently opened King Nehale Gate in the Northern Boundary of the Etosha National Park will create a direct link with potential tourists in this part of the country. Namibia Tourism Board is in the process of reintroducing different game species into the Andoni Plains and Ekuma area from Etosha.

The lakes in the south of Ondangwa have the potential for community based conversation and tourism development. We can even combine our rich variety of traditions and our natural resource and sell Ondangwa, but in particular the Ovambo tradition and way of living as a tourist attraction to them.