Date Name
ALAN President, Hon. Katrina Shimbulu, Engaged with The Speakers Of The National Assembly To Lobby For Policy Interventions 2018 CEO Meeting with Speaker of Parliament.pdf
Meeting with the SALGA Northern Cape province on the partnership with //Karas regional council 19-July-2018 Upington mission Report.pdf
Local Government Reform Position Paper 30 Aprl 2013 Draft Local Government Reform Position Paper.pdf
Councillors Workshops - GIS 23 July 2011 Councilors Workshops-GIS.ppt
BALA Financing Local Authorities 23 July 2011 BALA Financing Local Authorities BALA.ppt
BALA Case study on Fnancing of Local Authorities 23 July 2011 BALA Case Study on Financing of Local Authorities.ppt
SALGA Integrated Development Planning 23 July 2011 SALGA Iintegrated Development Planning Presentation-CIP-PresentationMasileKutumela-DLGH-2011.ppt
Case Study Oshakati Premier Electric 23 July 2011 case study oshakati Premier electric.ppt
Namwater 23 July 2011 Namwater.ppt
Overview of Local Govt in Botswana 23 July 2011 OVERVIEW OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT IN BOTSWANA.ppt
OAG - Towards Clean Audit Report 23 July 2011 OAG- Towards Clean Audit Report.ppt
RTC-HIV/AIDS Report 2011 23 July 2011 RTC - HIV and AIDS REPORT 2011.ppt
New Bad Debt Reduction Plan 22 July 2011 NEW BAD DEBT REDUCTION PLAN.ppt
SALGA Best practice on Effective Financing 22 July 2011 SALGA Best practice on Effective Financing.ppt
AMICAALL Namibia & UNDP HIV Status Presentation 22 July 2011 AMICAALL NAMIBIA & UNDP HIV Status Presentation at the 55th ALAN CONGRESS.ppt
ALAN Stakeholders Relations 22 July 2011 ALAN Stakeholders Relations Presentations by Cllr. Kafula.ppt
ATZ Forenzic Accounting Services MRSP 22 July 2011 ATZ Forenzic Accounting Services MRSP.ppt
Gender Strategy for Local Government in Namibia 22 July 2011 Gender strategy for local government in Namibia.ppt
SALGA Roles & Responsibilities of Councillors 22 July 2011 SALGA Roles & Responsibilities of Councillors Presentation.ppt